Products & Pricing

StatYou’s are priced either By Size or

By Scale - your choice.


We recommend choosing By Scale when displaying groups of people, people and pets, wedding cake toppers - and for children who are still growing.


If you’re shopping By Size - any height, any size - your choice.  We’ll gladly print a 6 foot person at 3 inches tall, for example.

All pricing is Per Individual

Pricing Includes a Printed Disc Stand for added stability if Required or Desired

10% off for Groups of (2) or (3)

15% off for Groups of (4) and more

30% off of Reprints

By Size: People

By Size: Pets











$ 70

$ 90

$ 110

$ 135

$ 175

$ 220

$ 270

$ 325

Prices Range 



1/12th Scale 

$ 65 

$ 160

1/9th Scale 

$ 85

$ 250

1/8th Scale 

$ 90 

$ 315

Prices Range 



1/12th Scale 

$ 60

$ 110

1/9th Scale 

$ 80

$ 130

1/8th Scale 

$ 95

$ 150

A few Notes on Wedding Cake Toppers 


Ask about our Veteran, Military & Public Service Uniform Discounts

All StatYou prices assume individuals in standard attire including a hat.

Some costumes, props and clothing may require a $10-15 accessory charge each.

examples: baseball bats, hockey or lacrosse sticks, goalie pads, fireman irons, SCBA, helmets, etc.

Certain poses may require stands for stability.

Printed disc stands can be added for No Charge

Eyeglasses have to be removed.

Sports helmets with face masks cannot be printed.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

All products sold as-is with no warranties expressed or implied. 

Pets By Size:  Height if sitting; Length if standing

Custom Orders are available!

Bust StatYou, Lego Mini Figure heads, Action Shots

High Resolution Virtual Reality Scans, 3D Avatars, etc!

Electronic Gift Cards available in the studio for any dollar amount

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